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Yuma Conservation District has been dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment since 1958. Our goal is to promote sustainable practices in the community and create a better future for our planet. We offer a wide range of services, including the annual sale of Conservation Trees for various projects or landscaping needs, parts for drip line water hoses, and grass seed. We also provide educational resources to help the community adopt sustainable practices.

Board of Supervisors 

John Deering, President
Justin Blach, Vice President
Garet Seymour, Secretary/Treasurer
Jarred Lebsock, Member
Kyle Newton, Member


Sheila Anzlovar, Administrator 
Kaci Porter, Technical Director
Previous Members & Supervisors  
Cleo Beauprez 
Eugene Beauprez
Gene Beauprez
Tom Blach
Sherman Blach 
Ross Bohm 
Jody Bradner
Don Brown 
Brian Cunningham
Kari Donneison
Curtis Franson 
Ed Geoglein
Kenny Geoglein
William Wenger
Frank Gorman
Rod Hahn
Kenneth Harouff
Howard Harper
Don Korf
Earl McCall
Gaylord Mekelburg
MIlton "Bud" Mekelburg
Penny Mekelburg
Dale Monk
Joe Newton
Mark Oestman
Kay Perlenfein

Tony Probasco 
Fred Raish 
Clyde Richardson 
Marvin Salvador
Mark Schroetlin 
Dan Seedorf 
Roger Shepard 
Marylu Smith 
Tim Stulp
David Tuell 
Barbra Tyner 
Dan Walter 
Kenneth Warouff
Steve Wenger


Producer Of The Year

Milton E. (Bud) Mekelburg, Outstanding Cooperator of the Year

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